Brazil to grant residence to some 43,000 Haitians
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Brazil to grant residence to some 43,000 Haitians

The Brazilian government has said will grant permanent residence to more than 43,000 Haitians who entered the country illegally during the past five years.

“This act establishes a period of up to a year for them to request foreign resident identification documents. Those who are formally accepted by Brazil will be granted stability and security,” Minister of Labor Miguel Rossetto commented, Telesur reports.

Large numbers of Haitians began immigrating to Brazil after a 2010 earthquake devastated the island nation. Consular officials in Haiti haven’t been able to keep up with demand for humanitarian vistas, meaning thousands of Haitians still remain illegally in the country.

Around 400 Haitians per month apply for humanitarian visas, with around some 2,000 Haitians thought to enter Brazil each month illegally, usually on a route via Panama and then Peru.

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