Central American officials to discuss stranded Cuban migrants
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Central American officials to discuss stranded Cuban migrants

Central American officials are meeting with their counterparts from Ecuador, Colombia and Cuba to deal with the problem of thousands of Cuban migrants currently stranded in Costa Rica.

The migrants have begun using an overland route to reach the United States by traveling to Ecuador, through Central America and Mexico.

The migrant situation has sparked tensions in Central America. Nicaragua accused its southern neighbor Costa Rica on Tuesday of “unleashing an invasion of illegal Cuban migrants” on the Central American nation.

On November 13, Costa Rica allowed Cubans to transit through the country to reach Nicaragua. Nicaragua dispatched soldiers to the border to block the Cubans’ passage, setting off minor clashes at the Penas Blancas border crossing.

The dispute has left some 2,000 Cubans stranded in shelters in Guanacaste province on the Nicaraguan border. Human trafficking rings promising a cheap route to the United States and improved relations between Cuba and the U.S. have seen a wave of migrants head to Central America.

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