Colombia reveals new ruling for Uber
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Colombia reveals new ruling for Uber

Uber, the app-based luxury transport service, will have six months to comply with new legislation passed by Colombian government.

The service now has two options, become a transport services company – a move which it vehemently opposes, or face the risk of waiting until Colombian Congress passes a law legalizing online platforms and applications as a means of ordering private transport.

Uber has currently been operating in Colombia for the past two years.

“The ruling passed for luxury taxis doesn’t exclude other mobility options for Bogotá residents, during the six months prior to its (the law’s) implementation Uber will evaluate, along with other drivers, the implications and opportunities that this decree will have for over 20,000 Colombians who have the economic means and security from using the Uber app,” Mike Shoemaker, Director of Uber Colombia commented during a press conference.

In order to qualify as a luxury service, payment will only be taken electronically (i.e. credit or debit card). Uber drivers will also be submitted to a ratings process by their passengers, with cars expected to offer more leg room and a larger trunk as part of the service.

Uber will now operate using black cars, bad news for the hundreds of vehicle owners who previously paid out for a white vehicle.

Cars will also have to have ABS brakes and airbags as standard, as Colombia continues to give its transport system a much needed upgrade.

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