Colombian VP collects garbage with Miss Colombia contestants
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Colombian VP collects garbage with Miss Colombia contestants

Vice President Germán Vargas Lleras and the contestants of Miss Colombia visited the city of Cartagena during the weekend to launch the project “Colombia Clean.”

The campaign aims to protect and preserve the country’s marine ecosystem and lend support to the city to adapt to climate change.

Lleras and the aspiring beauty queens picked up garbage at the city’s beaches on Saturday morning and even boarded a boat from Cartagena bay to continue cleaning the water.

“I invite the Colombians to join this campaign to collect solid waste, a task in which we must all contribute to create public awareness. Cartagena does not have a garbage collection service that can clean the waters, and it is urgent to reduce the high levels of pollution at bay,” said Lleras.

Colombia Clean is a joint effort by the Colombian Ocean Commission (CCO), the Malpelo Foundation, and the Asonáutica Bay Foundation.

Sandra Bessudo, director of the Malpelo Foundation, said that the project is a testament to President Santos’ commitment to safeguard the maritime environment, a major tourist attraction.

Lleras echoes Bessudo’s sentiment, calling Cartagena a “city with high tourism level and immense cultural value.”

“Let this be the perfect opportunity to think of the oceans as present and future economic, social and environmental development of the country,” Lleras added.