Colombia’s FARC face ban from participating in politics
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Colombia’s FARC face ban from participating in politics

Colombian Senate voted to ban FARC rebel members from participating in politics, one of the key points being discussed during the peace negotiations in Havana.

In the second of a series of eight debates on the constitutional reforms necessary for peace to be achieved, Colombian Senate voted against the article permitting FARC members who down their weapons an eventual access to political participation.

This decision has caused a soured relations between Government and the country’s largest insurgent group, according to local media outlet Colombia Reports.

Approval needed

The group, active Twitter users, tweeted the decision on their official peace process feed:

“Proposal to ‘Normalize national life and the transformation of the FARC-EP into a political movement.'”

A special legislative committee will be entrusted with developing peace accords once the guerrilla give up their arms, but Colombian citizens will need to approve the accords in a referendum.

The committee will also be in charge of translating and adapting the peace agreements reached into Colombian law, Semana magazine reports. President Juan Manuel Santos hopes to implement a bilateral ceasefire to see in the new year.

The ceasefire still remains up for discussion, with the FARC supporting a territorial map system, ensuring that neither side attacks the other.

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