Dwarf terrorizes the Colombian town of Manizales
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Dwarf terrorizes the Colombian town of Manizales

The town of Manizales, in Colombia’s coffee region, is famed for it’s peaceful atmosphere and stunning scenery.

Yet peace has been shattered of late as the town, in the department of Caldas, has been terrorized by the antics of one dwarf.

In a video shared on the Facebook page Manizales Denuncia, the individual in question has risen to fame not for his height but rather for his aggressive antics towards the town’s street food sellers. In the video, shared on Youtube, the man can be seen refusing to pay for food and begins attacking a stall seller.

Este señor es muy conocido en el centro de la ciudad ya que consume y no cancela y arma problemas en plena vía publica,…

Posted by Manizales Denuncia on Thursday, 19 November 2015

“It’s inconceivable the fact there were police there and they didn’t arrest him and lock him up for at least 24 hours so that he could learn that you need to pay for things regardless of where you buy them from, but they let him go,” the message accompanying the Facebook post comments.

The main attacks committed by the dwarf were committed on the corner of the town’s carrera 23 and calle 19.

“He often asks for food or takes taxis and doesn’t pay, he makes the most of the fact that he is a dwarf and treats people badly even if they provide him with some sort of service,” the report adds.

News of the dwarf’s aggressive antics have even been covered by Colombia’s Semana magazine.

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