Fries back on the menu at McDonald’s in Venezuela
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Fries back on the menu at McDonald’s in Venezuela

Fast food lovers in  Venezuela are once again enjoying greasy French fries at McDonald’s franchises after the side was replaced by arepa or yucca (cassava) fries last year.

McDonald’s rolled out the fries’ comeback on Monday with an ad campaign including a countdown on social media and large banners at franchises.

Venezuela’s shortages are driven in part by the country’s tight currency controls, making it difficult to get dollars for imports. Potato imports fell 85 percent in 2014, before McDonald’s took fries off the menu.

As a result, the country either has the most expensive Happy Meal in the world ($27 at the official exchange rate) or the cheapest (90 cents at the black market rate), the Guardian reports.

Sonia Ruseler, an Argentina-based spokeswoman for Arcos Dorados, which runs McDonald’s restaurants in Latin America, says the company was able to bring the fries back by sourcing potatoes locally.

The fast food giant was previously offering what it termed more “Venezuelan options.”

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