Guatemala president elect Jimmy Morales met with former president Alvaro Colom and twitter had a fit
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Guatemala president elect Jimmy Morales met with former president Alvaro Colom and twitter had a fit

A meeting between a newly elected president and one of his predecessors would not usually elicit strong reactions from traditional press and social media.

But imagine that Hillary Clinton divorced Bill Clinton to follow her political ambitions, and then lost in the presidential election to Jon Stewart. Then Stewart had a meeting with Bill Clinton and everyone tried to imagine what they discussed behind closed doors. There would be no shortage of punchlines.

This is basically what happened this week in Guatemala when president elect and former comedian Jimmy Morales met with Alvaro Colom, a former president whose ex-wife Sandra Torres was defeated at the polls by Morales just a few weeks ago.

Naturally, the twittersphere went bizerk. Not one of the three politicians Morales, Colom or Torres escaped unscathed.

Torres: the easiest target

When your ex meets with your worst enemy.

Jimmy met with Colom because they got together to celebrate that he defeated Sandra.

Jimmy met with Colom so that Sandra Torres would be jealous.

What else would two guys do on a typical Wednesday? Even presidents like to have some fun.

Jimmy met with Colom to buy their tickets for the Star Wars preview.

Jimmy met with Colom to eat 2 for 1 pizzas.

Jimmy met with Colom to watch the playback of the Victoria Secret Fashion Show together.

Morales reacts

Social media may have been laughing, but Morales was not. The former comedian seems to have lost some of his sense of humor now that he has to lead a country. On his Facebook page, Morales was careful to clear up any controversy around the meeting.

Agradezco la cobertura que los medios de comunicación han prestado a la reunión que he sostenido con el expresidente Á…

Posted by Jimmy Morales on Wednesday, 11 November 2015

He wrote in a post:

I appreciate the coverage that the media has given to the meeting I had with former president Alvaro Colom. I would like to clarify that no part of the meeting was private or secret, but the exact opposite, in broad daylight and like this we have exchanged our opinions about national problems. As president elect, my responsibility is to maintain healthy communications with the former leaders of the nation, as has happened with Vinicio Cerezo, Alvaro Arzu and now Alvaro Colom. I am calling for this type of information to be taken with the seriousness and the maturity that it merits.” 

It seems one Twitter prediction missed the mark.

Jimmy met with Colom for a intensive comedy course.

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