Is El Chapo Guzmán in Argentina?
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Is El Chapo Guzmán in Argentina?

Despite being on the run since July 15,  new evidence suggests that the drug kingpin may have made it some 8000 kilometers south to Argentina.

Argentina is on high alert over claims that the escaped criminal could be trying to cross into Chile through the Cardonal Samoré border crossing, in the country’s Patagonia region, La Nación reports. The crossing links Río Negro in Argentina with Chile’s Los Lagos region.

Border control

“We received information that El Chapo tried to cross the Chilean/Argentine border,” in the southern region of Patagonia, the security secretary, Sergio Berni, told reporters, according to the Guardian.

“In line with protocol, we have activated all security mechanisms and have put the men and women of our federal forces in Patagonia on maximum alert,” Berni said.

Guzmán, the one time leader of the notorious Sinaloa cartel, escaped from the el Altiplano high security prison in July. Interpol has been on high alert as the search for the world’s most wanted drug trafficker continues.

Latin American presence?

According to the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration the DEA, the Sinaloa cartel still has members scattered across Latin America, of which Argentina is amongst one of these countries.

Police in Chile have declared a red alert in response to the news.

“If it comes to be true and [El Chapo] intends to enter national territory, the decision that has to be undertaken immediately is to capture him,”said Jorge Burgos, Chile’s interior minister. “He is a criminal with an international capture order.”

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