James Bond receives a lukewarm reception in Mexico
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James Bond receives a lukewarm reception in Mexico

Leading actor Daniel Craig was in Mexico City for the regional premiere of the new James Bond movie “Spectre,” where some of the opening scenes were shot.

The opening sequence features a Day of the Dead celebration, with skeleton and skull costumes and floats.

Craig says “there are so many things that have to come together to work and it’s a testament to the people who work on this film that they did so beautifully.”

However, despite the movie boosting tourism in the capital city it has since been unveiled that the Mexican government allegedly bargained with producers, offering financial incentives and tax rebates of £13 million (some $20 million) to portray Mexico in a favorable light.

“He may be able to save the world but not even James Bond can rescue our image,” said local campaigner Felipe Jurez.

“Box offices around the world will be raking in millions, what have we got to show for it – nothing.”

Spectre is not the first movie to come under scrutiny this year, as the release of Benicio del Toro’s 2015 movie Sicario also ruffled feathers in Ciudad Juárez.

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