Maduro condemns Paris attacks, as one Venezuelan killed
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Maduro condemns Paris attacks, as one Venezuelan killed

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro says the attacks in Paris killed a Venezuelan citizen.

“You feel pain from (seeing) the images from Paris, France. It’s very painful, the loss of one Venezuelan life and another individual injured,” Maduro said in a television broadcast.

Maduro condemned the Islamic State attacks and said they were a result of U.S. intervention in places like Iraq and Libya.

Two other Venezuelans were also caught up in the attacks. Félix Salazar, currently hospitalized, and Alfredo Reyes, who escaped unharmed, El Nacional reports.

Maduro reiterated his support for Syrian President Bashar Assad, adding that if Assad falls the world will see a level of terrorism which makes the Paris attacks look like a babe in arms.

Maduro has accused the U.S. of carrying out destabilizing foreign policies on a regular basis, with the Iraq war as his prime example. His predecessor the late President Hugo Chavez did the same.

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