Manizales dwarf makes public apology
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Manizales dwarf makes public apology

He may have become something of an overnight internet sensation, attacking street food sellers and leaping out of taxis without paying, but dwarf Juan David Duque has finally made a public apology to residents of the Colombian town of Manizales.

In a recording which soon went viral across Colombian social media, Duque is seen attacking one stall owner.

En las instalaciones del Comando de la Policía Metropolitana de Manizales el señor “Juan David Duque” conocido por sus…

Posted by Emisora Policia Manizales on Thursday, 26 November 2015

“I would like to apologize to the city of Manizales for the events which occurred. I made a mistake which I won’t commit again,” Duque comments in a video released by Manizales Metropolitan Police.

Although he has attacked various taxi drivers and other street sellers, Duque only apologizes to the street food stall owner which can be seen in the video published on Facebook page “Manizales Denuncia”.

Duque, who is 90 centimeters tall, finds it difficult to take public transport. The problems haven arisen when he has drunk too much and has decided to take a taxi home, El Tiempo reports.