Peruvian bulldog breaks Guinness World Record for skateboarding
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Peruvian bulldog breaks Guinness World Record for skateboarding

Otto, a British bulldog who lives in Lima with owners Luciana and Robert is the latest animal to enter the record books.

This four-legged friend is a die hard skateboarding fanatic, entering the record books for passing through the legs of over a 30-person long tunnel – the longest distance any dog has traveled on a skateboard.

In the video, Otto uses his paws to gain speed while his weight alone propels the four-year-old pooch along the pavement.

“Nobody taught Otto how to skateboard, he got on the board himself and began to practice. He knows how to stop, how to turn, when someone is ahead of him. He’s very clever,” owner Roberto told

Sarah Cusson representative for the Guinness World Records presented the proud owners with a certificate confirming Otto’s title.

Luciana and Roberto are also self-confessed extreme sports fanatics.

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