Policeman in Brazil kills son, cites self-defense
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Policeman in Brazil kills son, cites self-defense

A Brazilian police officer in São Paulo accidentally killed his own son to protect his wife and other children in the early hours of Monday morning.

Twenty-year-old Vinicius Ferreira Lopes went home at around 2 a.m. and started assaulting his mother. He also threatened his siblings with a knife and forbid them from sleeping, according to case investigator Bruno Lazarus.

Lopes’ father, an unnamed 48-year-old policeman at the municipality of Praia Grande, pulled out his gun in an attempt to stop the young man. Lopes tried to disarm him and take the gun. He was shot three times during the altercation and died instantly. According to the Civil Police, Lopes has a history of drug abuse and violent behavior.

Ridden with guilt, the policeman went to the town’s outskirts to shoot himself but the gun failed. He went to a police station and confessed, but he was subsequently released.

“He committed a crime under the law, but it was for self-defense. Lopes was very violent and under the influence of illegal drugs,” Lazarus said.

Further investigation will be held.

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