Six killed at fight in Guatemalan prison
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Six killed at fight in Guatemalan prison

A fight at Guatemala’s Granja de Rehabilitación Canada prison has left six inmates dead and wounded several others. 

Deputy Interior Minister Elmer Sosa says police and soldiers intervened after Sunday’s bloodshed and restored order at the prison.

Prison system spokesman Rudy Esquivel says six inmates have been confirmed as dead at the prison, he added that the prison was designed to hold 600 inmates but currently houses 3,092.

The spokesman says the fight apparently erupted between members of the Mara 18 and Mara Salvatrucha gangs and fellow inmates who don’t belong to the gangs.

Overcrowding is fast becoming a common problem in prisons across Latin America, as lack of funding and space is having a marked effect on the staff-to-inmate ratio.

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