Video reveals 8 new graves found in Iguala, as search for missing students continues
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Video reveals 8 new graves found in Iguala, as search for missing students continues

A video published by group Los Otros Desaparecidos de Iguala (The Other Disappeared in Iguala) has revealed the finding of eight graves believed to contain human remains.

The group consists of Iguala residents who have lost loved ones, as well as family members of the missing Ayotzinapa students.

Since November 23 last year and June 22 2015, the group have uncovered some 104 bodies in graves and sites on hills around the city of Iguala.  The remains in the video correspond to body 105.

“Can you imagine if it was your family member here? This is a huge injustice. We will bring your family member home where they belong.” The first man interviewed comments.

Some 500 meters from the grave featured, the group also unearthed military boots, uniforms and a ration pack.

“Today we have been able to come and find a hidden brother, who nobody saw, and nobody knew who he was. We know that you have to be willing, the media has to be willing, even the supernatural has to be willing to bring these bones back to life.” Another member adds, thanking God.

Once the graves are identified the group continues to face an uphill struggle for local authorities to then exhume and identify the remains.

“Like vultures,”

“We are like vultures searching for bodies,” another member of the group told Sin Embargo.

To date, the group’s work has united some 400 grieving families in Iguala and across Mexico.

The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) released a long-awaited report on September 6, questioning the attorney general’s conclusion that the students’ bodies were incinerated at a garbage dump close to the rural college where they were studying.

Mexican government has recently unveiled plans to use drones in the search for the 43 Ayotzinapa students, missing since September 26 2014.

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