Will Honduras ban reggaeton?
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Will Honduras ban reggaeton?

Rumors might have been plaguing Honduran social media for months, but it is still unsure as to whether the country’s government has finally gone ahead and banned reggaeton music across the country.

Congress was debating the move after a under-age pregnancy scandal shocked the country, with the music’s explicit lyrics and sexual content blamed for increasing numbers of violent and macho acts against women.

The new ruling will introduce “penalties for restaurants, discos, private and public transport drivers as well as individuals found to be listening to the urban music genre known as ‘reggaeton’ or ‘regueton.'”

Businesses could face penalties of between one to three Honduran minimum wages while drivers can face fines and even losing their license.

For the rest of the population, individuals  risk having their cellphone or MP3 player confiscated as well as a night in the cells.

“This isn’t an impulsive decision. We have completed studies and predict that Honduran society will experience an improvement in both educational and intellectual spheres, including an improvement in the levels of poverty across the country.” Honduran minister of culture Tulio Mariano González commented

However, with die hard reggaeton fans up in arms and debate still plaguing Twitter, the future of reggaeton could be safe, for now.

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