Argentina’s ‘Grandmothers’ find grandchild number 119
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Argentina’s ‘Grandmothers’ find grandchild number 119

“I heard your scream, they put a hood over my head and I lost sight of you,” Mario Bravo comments. Bravo was finally reunited with Sara, his biological mother, on Tuesday. After 38 long years.

Mario is the 119th child to be uncovered by the Grandmother’s of the Plaza de Mayo, a human rights group which reunites children disappeared during the country’s military dictatorship with long-lost family members. Protestors were subject to vicious and calculated torture, part of Argentina’s “Dirty War” from 1974 to 1983.

Some 7,158 students, and anyone believed to be associated with socialism, fell victim to the government’s strict state terrorism regime.

“Sara is the fifth mother who was able to reclaim her son, stolen from her by state terrorism.” The Grandmothers’ tweeted.

“It’s a miracle that my mother is still alive. I have to make the most of it and so too do my children. We have to make the most of life which remains ahead of us. I’m grateful to God. Everything happens for a reason,” Bravo added.

Hundreds of newborn babies were stolen from their mother during the 1970s in Argentina. Bravo was yet another child to be taken from his mother and given up for adoption, in the country’s Santa Fe province.

But Mario’s case is rather different. 

He was one of the lucky children to have met his birth mother, a 59-year-old woman from the Tucumán province, arrested during 1975 while finishing her night shift in a hotel. Sara gave birth to Mario while in prison, during 1976.

Mario is now the sixth child in the organization’s history to not only reclaim his true identity but also to finally be able to meet his mother.

He was always doubtful about his foster parents, and remains grateful for the childhood they provided him with, yet a blood sample submitted in 2007 proved to be the missing link, confirming Mario’s doubts. There was a positive match with other samples archived during military rule.

“I spent the night pouring over the Grandmother’s page, looking at faces of those who had disappeared. Who did I belong to?” He adds.

Good news

“These events are not due to miracles, loneliness or magic. They happen because the Argentine people are peacefully, and without violence, opening up links which surprise the entire world. This news will be transmitted around the world, we’ve found another child: Mario.” Estela de Carlotto, president of the organization commented during a press conference.

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