Best foot forward: Macri dances into presidency
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Best foot forward: Macri dances into presidency

Mauricio Macri had an incredible crowd pleaser up his sleeve while being sworn in as the new president of Argentina at the Casa Rosada, Buenos Aires, yesterday.

Macri was welcomed by a crowds of supporters, cheering him on from the Plaza de Mayo in the Argentine capital.

“We are about to start a marvellous period here in our country (Argentina),” Macri added, alongside Vice President Gabriela Michetti and First Lady Juliana Awada, carrying his three-year-old daughter Antonia.

Macri’s presidency marks the end of 12 years of center-left Kirchner rule, marking a shift in Argentina’s politics.

Macri was so overexcited that he gestured to the Presidential band, asking them to “strike up the music,” halfway through his speech. The president then proceeded to dance around the balcony of the Casa Rosada, to the joy of the thousands of onlookers.

“We have to keep together, we are building this Argentina together,” he added.

Ex-president Cristina Fernández de Kirchner had come under scrutiny earlier this week, as to whether she would attend the Buenos Aires based inauguration ceremony.

Kircher claimed that a spat between herself and Macri meant that she would be away in southern Argentina visiting family.

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