Chilean Star Wars fan wants photoshopped lightsaber, and the results are hilarious
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Chilean Star Wars fan wants photoshopped lightsaber, and the results are hilarious

Whatever it is, the internet is always there to help you.

Chilean Hector Perez went to see the record-breaking Star Wars: The Force Awakens at the Biobío Mall (Tomé) in Concepción with his family on Saturday.

However, he wasn’t as prepared as the other moviegoers who wore costumes of their favorite Star Wars characters, so he posed as though he’s holding a lightsaber with a Star Wars standee behind him.


Hector Perez’ original photo

In the Facebook group DC Universe Chile, Perez posted his photo and asked the members to put a lightsaber in his hands, but he received way more than lightsabers.

In time for the holidays, several users edited Perez’ photo with a Christmas motif.

He can also be seen holding various items that are definitely NOT lightsabers, such as balloons, magic wands, giant cigarettes, fluorescent tube light bulbs, Thor’s hammer Mjolnir, Bart Simpson, and yes, the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Some took it to the next level and completely changed what he was doing.

Ultimately, Perez got what he wanted: a photo that shows him wielding a lightsaber.

1919178_10207793480336737_8167604030473988271_n  Christmas-Marjorie-Carolina-Silva-Rojas1-150x150  Christmas-Rafael-Torres-Rodriguez1-150x150  Felipe-Cavieres-Thor-150x150  1st-Camilo-Olmedo-Duran-150x150  Roomeo-Chavez-Leaning-tower-of-pisa-150x150  Simpson-Jimmy-Orell-Illustraciones-150x150  Andy-KunfuBarney-Ector-Potter-150x150  Mario-Torres-Villarroel-150x150  Pato-Pardo-150x150  Christian-Martinez-Colipi-playing-volleyball-150x150  Andy-KunfuBarney-fishing-150x150  Proper-Pablo-Andres-Cortes-Rojas

Credit: Pablo Andres Cortes Rojas

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