Colombian police dog tops 2015 videos
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Colombian police dog tops 2015 videos

He’s been run over by a car, punched in the face and even disappeared for three months, yet he continues to remain on the beat. Meet eight-year-old Ñero, the schnauzer and much loved police dog from the south of Bogotá.

In fact, Ñero was one of the most popular video stars of 2015, according to Colombian daily El Tiempo.

“He’s loved by the entire community in the Palermo and Diana Turbay municipalities, families have come with their children to take photos of him when he’s in his uniform,” Superintendent José Daniel Yepes comments.

This brave little dog was even caught up in a traffic accident, resulting in the death of a fellow officerJohn Edward Morales, after his motorbike was hit by a bus some four years ago.

Since then, members of the station decided that he too required his own smaller version of the Colombian police’s emblematic yellow jacket.

“Some residents of the sector have even said that there is a tiny policeman living inside the dog. When Ñero enters the station, he raises his ears during the briefing to listen to the Coronel,” Yepes adds.

Despite his white whiskers, Ñero still “runs like a puppy” and shows an unfaltering love of his job as part of the force.

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