Cuban migrants won’t be removed from Costa Rica
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Cuban migrants won’t be removed from Costa Rica

The president of Costa Rica has assured the nearly 5,000 Cuban migrants stuck in his country that none will be returned to Cuba against their will.

“Like you, I feel very disappointed that Guatemala, as well as Belize have denied passage through their territory to arrive in Mexico and from there continue on to your destination in the United States,” President Luis Guillermo Solis said in a video message, just a day after the government of Belize rejected a Costa Rican proposal to fly the Cubans across the border to that country.

For nearly a month, around 45,000 Cubans have been accumulating in Costa Rica after Nicaragua closed its border to them. The migrants are trying to reach the United States.

Cubans fear that the normalization of relations between their country and the U.S. could end the special immigration privileges they currently enjoy.

Solis was scheduled to begin an official visit to Cuba on December 13, where he planned to discuss the topic with President Raul Castro.

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