Deal reached over stranded Cuban migrants
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Deal reached over stranded Cuban migrants

Central American officials have reached a deal to allow the first of thousands of stranded Cuban migrants to continue their journey north toward the United States.

The Costa Rican Foreign Ministry says in a statement that the first humanitarian transfer will airlift Cuban migrants to El Salvador in January. From there they will continue by bus toward Mexico.

No more details were immediately released by the governments of Costa Rica and of Guatemala, which hosted a diplomatic meeting Monday to consider the issue.

“Various countries have requested reserve and discretion in relation to the agreement details and we must respect this request, as some technical aspects must be confirmed with the political authorities and primarily for the safety of the people beginning this journey,” Manuel González, Costa Rica’s Foreign Minister commented.

The number of Cubans stranded in Costa Rica has reached at least 8,000 since neighboring Nicaragua closed its border to them weeks ago. Islanders who reach U.S. soil are nearly always allowed to stay under the country’s uniquely favorable migratory policies for Cubans.

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