English Language Institute (ELI), Mercer University – United States
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English Language Institute (ELI), Mercer University – United States

Mercer University is one of America’s oldest institutions of higher learning. Founded in 1883 by early 19th century Baptists, Mercer is committed to providing its students with an educational environment that embraces the historic Baptist principles of intellectual and religious freedom, while affirming values from a Judeo-Christian understanding of the world.

Mercer follows a liberal learning approach, placing emphasis on leadership and service both locally and internationally. The university offers its students cutting-edge study programs and a hands-on education, producing future business, public service and community leaders. The university strives to equip students with the professional knowledge that they will need in their future careers, as well as deepening students’ understanding of providing a service to other members of the community.


English Language Institute (ELI)

The English Language Institute at Mercer University enables students to have easy access to the exciting and diverse culture of Atlanta, while learning English in a caring and supportive environment. The ELI traditional program prepares students for study at Mercer, offering classes during the week through a skills-based approach to English language learning, from grammar to listening. Students who have completed the ELI program have entered undergraduate and graduate programs at some of the most prestigious colleges and universities across the U.S. and beyond, including Mercer University programs. Mercer graduates have even gone on to become leaders in their fields of study. English students are taught by experienced faculty members. Courses are intensive, with various start dates throughout the year. Student can benefit from small, personalized class sizes, with an average of 12 – 15 students per class.

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Student Life

Community is central to student life at Mercer. Students, faculty and staff develop relationships within an environment that inspires collaboration, support and respect. Mercer’s community environment promotes active mentoring and provides a work and study environment where students are able to grow on a personal level and flourish. Mercer is the only college in Georgia, and one of just 119 in the U.S. selected by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching for its 2008 Community Engagement Classification.

There are over 125 student organizations on campus to choose from, meaning there are many ways to get involved at Mercer. From fraternities and sororities to sports and even volunteering, Mercer students are welcomed into a vibrant and diverse campus setting, surrounded by the university’s historic buildings. Mercer is proud of its student focused career service, offering future career guidance and graduate school search assistance. Employers may even choose to hire a Mercerian.

At Mercer, the university’s unique learning approach and faith based values mean that Mercer graduates are conscientious, dedicated individuals, prepared for any work or real life situation which awaits them.

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