Haiti opposition demands transnational government
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Haiti opposition demands transnational government

Eight candidates in Haiti’s disputed presidential election are demanding major changes in the country’s electoral system and other agencies. The candidates have said that if this doesn’t happen, a transitional government should be created to oversee a new vote.

Among those signing late Sunday’s declaration is Jude Celestin, the second-place finisher who is due to face the government-backed candidate in a December 27 runoff. The ultimatum now throws that vote into question.

The eight candidates have been demanding an independent recount due to what they assert was massive fraud in favor of the government-backed contender in Haiti’s October elections.

But the country’s election authorities say they lack the authority to appoint an independent panel to verify results.

The eight say that without major changes, fair elections won’t be held while outgoing President Michel Martelly remains in power.

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