Hillary Clinton supports Venezuelan voters
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Hillary Clinton supports Venezuelan voters

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton says Venezuela’s voters should have the final say in their country’s congressional elections next month.

The former secretary of state told the Atlantic Council on Monday that American voices should be raised on behalf of Venezuelan voters. She says President Nicolas Maduro’s administration “has been doing all it can to rig these elections,” pointing to the jailing and recent murders of political opponents.

Clinton says she is “outraged at the cold-blooded assassination” of an opposition leader during a campaign rally.

“We need to raise our voices for the people of Venezuela, and voices across the region have begun to speak out in favor of democratic values… but we need more,” Clinton added.

She spoke as more than two dozen parties compete in an election that represents the stiffest challenge in 16 years for Venezuela’s ruling socialist party, led by current President Nicolás Maduro.

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