Impeachment proceedings suspended against Rousseff
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Impeachment proceedings suspended against Rousseff

Brazil’s Supreme Court has suspended impeachment proceedings against President Dilma Rousseff for one week as it decides whether Congress acted correctly in its formation of a commission to deal with the case.

Justice Edson Fachin ruled late Tuesday to suspend the proceedings that gave the opposition more influence on the commission.

Pro-Rousseff lawmakers say that speaker Eduardo Cunha’s decision to hold the vote to decide the commission’s members in secret was unconstitutional. Cunha, who is also under investigation for corruption links launched the impeachment proceedings last week, over claims of increased spending as part of Rouseff’s electoral campaign.

Rousseff, who has been in office since 2011, has denied wrong-doing and reiterated that “I did nothing wrong. There was no graft,”. She added that she was being impeached for spending too much on social programs.

Many Brazilians want to see Rousseff out because they blame her for Brazil’s worst recession in 25 years, deepened by concern over the country’s political future, The Huffington Post reports.

The commission will eventually vote to decide if the impeachment proceedings should go to the full house for a vote. If this is passed, the measure would then proceed to the Senate to determine if Rousseff will be permanently removed from office.

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