Miss Colombia speaks out after pageant mix up
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Miss Colombia speaks out after pageant mix up

The Colombian beauty queen who was briefly crowned Miss Universe is making the best of what she calls a humiliating situation.

Ariadna Gutierrez told Colombia’s W radio Wednesday that no one can take away the four minutes during which she wore the crown, commenting that the whole experience was “tactless”.

“The people in the auditorium went crazy. Nobody understood what was going on. They even cut the transmission. It was really weird… In the rehearsals they had told us that the winner had to stay in the center (stage) and then cat walk when one of the camera crew signalled, but they didn’t let me move. It was all very odd from the start.” Gutierrez commented.

Gutierrez was accidentally named the winner in Las Vegas on December 20, after host Steve Harvey misread his cue cards. Harvey later announced the crown actually belonged to Miss Philippines.

Miss Colombia says the awkward moment was humbling for her and other Latinos watching the competition, she is now spinning the incident in her favor.

Gutierrez also revealed aspirations to become a Victoria’s Secret model.

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