Peru: Man whips police officer, receives jailtime
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Peru: Man whips police officer, receives jailtime

UPDATE: Alvarado’s jail time was extended to five years and four months, but the legal representative of the national police is unsatisfied because they were seeking a punishment of eight years for Alvarado.


A conductor was sentenced to three months in jail for resisting arrest and violence against authority in Huarmey, Ancash.

Police officer Alejandro Arias Quispe sustained injuries on the neck after Marcial Rodriguez Alvarado, a conductor of music group Orquesta Juventud Hualcán (Hualcán Youth Orchestra), attacked him with a whip on Tuesday night.

Quispe reportedly tried to stop Alvarado from driving a van with 15 passengers as the latter was drunk.

A video taken by Quispe’s wife showed Alvarado furiously shouting insults to the uniformed police officer. After a while, the musician then took out a whip and lashed at Quispe. The attacker was taken to a police station in Huarmey.

Coming from a party, Alvarado argued that he was drunk during the incident and had no recollection of his wrongdoing.

The band said in a statement that Alvarado’s reaction was the only video broadcasted to the public. A video was subsequently uploaded to the band’s Facebook page, showing Quispe and other several police officers dancing in the same party. They were also seen holding bottles of beer.


Screenshot from video

It was also revealed in the video that Alvarado was abused on the way to the police station. A photo showed Alvarado getting off the police car with a noticeable wound on his head which wasn’t there in the video of him whipping Quispe.

The musician’s brother told Latin Correspondent that Alvarado was only sleeping alone inside the van as his band will play again in the same event the next day. He added that the reported 15 passengers were sleeping in a different place. The police also asked Alvarado for money after the incident.

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