Police caught stealing smartphones and tablet during raid
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Police caught stealing smartphones and tablet during raid

A police officer was caught pocketing three smartphones and a tablet while raiding an establishment that sells contraband goods in Huancayo, Peru, within the country’s Junín region.

The video footage from a closed-circuit television (CCTV) camera showed Julio Rupay Antezana, a member of the Special Services Unit, rummaging through a booth full of gadgets. He first took a tablet from its box, an iPhone, and a Sony Ericsson smart phone from the desk. The erring policeman then hid the phones and tablet in his uniform’s pockets.

Antezana was a part of an operation on the morning of December 16 executed by the combined force of the local police and the National Superintendency of Tax Administration (Sunat).

More than 300 police and agents stormed an informal market in Huancayo that sells smuggled smartphones and other high-tech goods.

Jhon Vilcapoma Villalba, the president of the raided area’s business association, filed the complaint and released the video to the media.

Junín’s Regional Police Chief Maximo Sanchez Padilla said that Antezana was immediately dismissed and removed from the force. He added that the suspect will also undergo appropriate disciplinary actions.

“It is an isolated behavior that we condemn and repudiate dramatically. We will not tolerate this kind of conduct,” Padilla said.

Antezana is relieved from his duties while the Sixth Criminal Provincial Court’s investigation is ongoing.

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