Santos will meet with Obama in February
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Santos will meet with Obama in February

The White House has confirmed that President Barack Obama will meet with Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos in February to show support for a potential peace agreement in the South American country.

The meeting with Santos on February 4 would fall about seven weeks before a deadline in peace talks between Colombia’s government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC).

Both leaders “will celebrate bilateral relations and commemorate 15 years of bipartisan agreement through Plan Colombia, a joint effort made to create a safer and prosperous future for Colombians,” a release from the White House stated.

The meeting will provide the two leaders a chance to discuss the state of negotiations at a defining moment. A deal would end more than five decades of internal violence.

The U.S. has provided more than $10 billion to support Colombia since 2000. The government’s success on the battlefield compelled the FARC to agree to peace talks in 2012.

Obama is vacationing in Hawaii for the holidays.

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