Which Latin Americans talk the most on their cell phones? And who pays the most?
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Which Latin Americans talk the most on their cell phones? And who pays the most?

A study by the Spanish mobile app Weplan has revealed that the Latin Americans who spend the most time talking on their cell phones are Peruvians.

Average use

According to the study which investigated cell phone usage in eight Latin countries, the average Peruvian spends 348.2 minutes a month talking on their phone, far above the average of the other countries surveyed which stands at 254 minutes.

On the other hand, the study revealed that in terms of mobile data consumption Peruvians use an average of 1.31 GB per month, slightly below the regional average of 1.36 GB. This, suggests the study, is due to a lack of navigation plans in Peru designed for social networking sites which can be accessed on an unlimited basis.

Colombians, it would seem, are the Latinos who spend the most time surfing the internet on their phones, precisely because of access to special plans designed to use platforms such as WhatsApp and Facebook and on an unlimited basis.

The study also revealed that the country that pays the most for its mobile phone usage is Panama where the average Panamanian will spend the equivalent of $71 on their mobile bill, perhaps a rather surprising fact given that the study indicates that Panamanians are the Latin Americans who speak the least on their phones. They are closely followed by Ecuadorians who pay on average $63 a month.

Different plans

The study found that all Latin Americans could and should be reducing the amount they spend on their phone bill through choosing plans that better suit their calling and browsing needs.

When asked on the streets of Lima today what they think of their prolific cell phone usage, the opinion of many Peruvians was divided. Many blamed factors such as not banning them at work places while others lamented growth of a smartphone culture that is increasingly diminishing the need for face to face contact. Others placed the blame on cultural factors.

According to psychologist Maddy Rubiños “Peruvians have a tendency to excess, taking something positive like speaking on a cell phone and exaggerating it into something that can later on become an addiction.”

Everyone was agreed that better access to unlimited social networking plans would lead them to cut down on calling on their mobile phones.

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