1 Peruvian Killed and 1 injured in Turkey Suicide Bombing
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1 Peruvian Killed and 1 injured in Turkey Suicide Bombing

Peru’s Foreign Ministry has confirmed that a Peruvian citizen was one of the ten people killed in a suicide bombing in Istanbul, Turkey yesterday.

No-one has yet claimed for responsibility for the attack which also claimed the lives of nine Germans but Turkish officials believe it to be the work of Islamic State terrorists.

Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has blamed a suicide bomber who entered the country through Syria.

The attack also left a further 15 people wounded including another Peruvian citizen identified as Daniela Bisan Remawi, a language student currently studying at Qatar University on a scholarship.

Daniela’s mother Carmela Sotomayor told RPP Noticias that her daughter was hospitalised for a slight wound in the leg, but will be quickly discharged.

According to Sotomayor her daughter sent her a message via WhatsApp to let her know she was fine before she had even heard the news of the terrorist attack.

Doña Sotomayor apparently had apprehensions about her daughter’s decision to make the most of her vacation and visit the Turkish capital, but never imagined it would have such dramatic consequences.

“To be honest, I had my reservations about her visiting Turkey because it is a country where there are some problems. But often kids will take their parents warnings lightly and in the end the parents just have to offer support”, stated a rueful Sotamayor.

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