A load of bull? Bovine escapes slaughterhouse in Uruguay
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A load of bull? Bovine escapes slaughterhouse in Uruguay

Residents from a quiet neighborhood in Montevideo, Uruguay, were soon given a rude awakening, after a bull was found strolling the capital’s streets.

The bull reportedly escaped from a slaughterhouse in the district of Carrasco, traveling three kilometers to the intersection of San Carlos de Bolivar with Dublin where national police found the animal.

More than a dozen police officers, mounted police units, and veterinarians responded to the scene to capture the animal. The bull was finally caught around 11.30 a.m., after wrecking a car and giving police the run-around.

Residents posted photos and videos of the chase on social media.

The bull, a Hereford breed, was seen vehemently trying to outrun its captors although witnesses said that it seemed tired. Fortunately, few pedestrians were on the street during the animal’s short-lived rampage.

The animal’s legs were tied in an uncomfortable manner, which drew flak from the public.

An animal rights group in Uruguay  called Homeless Animals has since tried to buy the bull from the slaughterhouse Minerva Foods. More than 20,000 citizens have also fought back against the death of the animal, calling for the slaughterhouse to release the animal.

“We understand that this bull is just one of the millions who are sacrificed for human consumption, but we must seek to make small differences,” Juan Echevarria, director of Homeless Animals, told The Observer.

“The slaughterhouse committed an offense by letting a 500 kilogram-animal loose on the street. They put lives at stake, left a broken vehicle, and caused expenses to the police, and when given the choice to sell the animal, they don’t even have the decency to respond,” Homeless Animals said in a statement.

If the bull will be sold to Homeless Animals, it will join the organization’s other rescued cattle on a farm where it can “live on to old age.”

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