Costa Rica: Voted ideal destination for retirees
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Costa Rica: Voted ideal destination for retirees

Costa Rica is the top country in the world for foreigners to live out their later years and enjoy their pension, a new study shows.

It also ranked eighth as the most attractive country for tourists and tourism.

These are two of the most important findings from a recent study by the U.S. News & World Report, a a U.S. media outlet specializing in the development of online rankings. The report was collaborated with the BAV consultancy group and Wharton business school, based at the University of Pennsylvania (U.S.).

The study surveyed 16,000 people from 60 countries, and measured numerous variables such as quality of life, access to health, education, transparency and bureaucracy.

Overall 22 categories were used, including; best country, the best country for investment, countries more open to business, best country for quality of an environmentally friendly life, best country in which to enjoy retirement, entrepreneurship, the most influential countries in the world, heritage, for women and cultural influence, to name a few.

Despite the overwhelming popularity of European countries that made it on the list, Costa Rica came out victorious as the world’s most comfortable destination for retirement.

According to the comprehensive study, Costa Rica is ideal for those over 45-years-old who want to enjoy their retirement.

The country was placed at the top of the podium thanks to seven variables; accessible, friendly, friendly tax environment, is an ideal place to live, pleasant climate, respect for private property and a well developed healthcare system.

Mexico was ranked tenth place in the listings.

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