Five month old baby dies in public hospital due to alleged negligence
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Five month old baby dies in public hospital due to alleged negligence

The death of a five-month-old baby due to alleged hospital negligence is being investigated by local police in São Paulo.  David Fernandes Leite died of internal bleeding early Saturday after being admitted for suspected bronchitis.

Baby Leite was taken to Case de Saude Campinas, a public hospital in the city of São Paulo, Brazil, on Wednesday and was already doing well on Friday morning.

“At around noon, David began to cough. He threw up and there was blood,” Geise said.

Alex and Geise told local media that their child was not given the care he needed. They said that no one checked up on their baby for seven hours, with the doctor only checking David on Friday evening, right before he was taken to ICU.

“The doctor told us that our child’s case was serious. One side of his lung was swollen and it looked like pneumonia,” Alex said.

Because the doctor examined Baby Leite only via telephone, the findings and the medicine administered may have been incorrect, police said.

The hospital said on Monday that their doctors were not negligent and that the baby was given proper attention. The statement added that there was no shortage of doctors during Baby Leite’s four-day stay in the hospital, insisting that the baby’s doctors constantly undertook rounds to check his condition and prescribe the correct medication.

The investigation led by officer Jose Carlos Fernandes from the Campas District will ask the nurse who gave the medicine and the doctor who issued the death certificate to testify in court.

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