Fomer Mexican government official accused of stealing office furniture
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Fomer Mexican government official accused of stealing office furniture

Viridiana Flores, former head of Guadalajara’s Municipal Institute for Youth Care (IMAJ), is now dubbed as #LadyMuebles (#LadyFurniture) for allegedly stealing furnitures from her office. Local publication Union Jalisco initially published the report.

Throughout the year, Flores posted photos of herself sitting on a yellow chair which social media users said she stole after leaving her position because of the election. Publimetro reported that IMAJ’s furnitures were bought in April.


On November 25, Flores uploaded a photo of her living room prominently featuring a yellow chair similar to the ones in her office. “I like the contrast of the colors. They each represent things and feelings that I want to remember every day,” she wrote.

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“To accuse someone of something she didn’t commit can cause irreparable damage,” said Flores.

She also uploaded a video on Facebook, denying the claims. Flores said that she bought the chairs using her own money in December 2014 and decided to put them in her office. She added that she used public resources with complete transparency during her time as IMAJ’s head.

Acusar a alguien de algo que no cometió puede causar un daño irreparable . Este es un mensaje por el respeto en las…

Posted by Viridiana Flores on Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Finally, she said that despite the accusations, she will continue to work for the benefit of young people.

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