Mexico: Mayoress is killed by drug gang one day after taking office
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Mexico: Mayoress is killed by drug gang one day after taking office

The mayoress of the municipality of Temixco, in the state of Morelos, was killed Saturday after four gunmen shot her at her home.

Gisela Mota, was killed on Saturday morning as confirmed by the governor of Morelos, Graco Ramirez, through his Twitter account. The mayoress, of the Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD), took over as mayor one day before.

The executioners, as they have been described by local media, arrived to the Mayoresses home at 7.10am, jumped a fence, pushed a person who was at the door and entered the room. They shot at the official’s chest and head.

Three people allegedly linked to the crime were arrested by police and two killed after a chase immediately after the crime.

In a statement, governor Graco Ramirez attributed the murder to organized crime and noted that two more suspected criminals were killed after the incident. Two suspects have been arrested.

He said the killing was a warning by drug gangs, meant to convince other officials to reject state police control of local forces.

On his Twitter account on January 4, he wrote: “A difficult start to the year with the devious crime against Gisela Mota, a great colleague and political promise, the crime will not go unpunished.”

The Party of the Democratic Revolution, the leftist militant group in which Mota was federal deputy, condemned the killing in a statement and recalled that “she was a strong and brave woman to take office as mayor, she said her fight against crime was to be up front and direct.”

According to the first investigations, the killers belong to narco-criminal group  he Reds (Los Rojos) and were linked to other crimes that occurred a few days ago.

No personal security

According to testimony, the mayoress  had refused to have bodyguards.

“She said that the police is for the people, not for politicians,” said Anastasio Solis, her campaign manager.

“She did not use bodyguards and did not use a driver because she believed it was a political privilege,” said Carlos Caltenco, her government secretary.

On January 1 the new mayor of Cuernavaca, former footballer Cuauhtemoc Blanco, also took office. He decided to ask for a police escort and help from the federal forces to ensure the safety of their municipality.

An operating state and federal force called “Operation Delta” is deployed in Cuernavaca and in border areas with Guerrero to strengthen security in the area. Several mayors and officials in Mexico have been drug cartel targets.

The Rojos and the rival Guerreros Unidos gangs have fought turf battles across the neighboring state of Guerrero.