Mexico’s Humberto Moreira faces six years in Spanish jail
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Mexico’s Humberto Moreira faces six years in Spanish jail

A Spanish court has ruled that former Mexican politician Humberto Moreira should be held in custody while officers investigate alleged corruption charges.

Former Institutional Revolutionary Party chief Moreira is under suspicion of “embezzling public funds, money laundering, bribery and belonging to a criminal organization,” a National Court statement says. He was who was arrested on arrival at Madrid airport.

Moreira was governor of the state of Coahuila from 2005-2011 before leaving to head the Institutional Revolutionary party (PRI)  in preparation for a return to national power.

Coahuila’s debt rose from $27 million to $3 billion during Moreira’s tenure.

Judge José de la Mata, heading the case, commented that Moreira’s posed a “clear risk” of fleeing Spain due to the charges, Mexico’s Excelsior reports.

“The risk is accentuated due to the convenience that the charged currently pertains, in the form of resources, economic means, links to other countries and international connections, he would be able to flee overseas and thus avoid the actions (imposed against him) by the Spanish justice system,”

The court says Moreira has three days to appeal its ruling and that the case will be heard under secrecy to avoid jeopardizing the investigation. He could face up to six years in prison.

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