New revelations emerge of Charlie Sheen’s time in Mexico with Dr. Chachoua
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New revelations emerge of Charlie Sheen’s time in Mexico with Dr. Chachoua

Just when Charlie Sheen seems incapable of shocking us anymore, somehow he manages to chart whole new levels of disbelief.

This time it was the announcement that, following last year’s public admission of his HIV positive status, he has stopped taking his meds.

Up to very recently, traditional antiretroviral medication had kept the presence of the disease in his bloodstream down at undetectable levels.

Last week however, during an appearance on the Dr. Oz show, Sheen stated that he had opted for experimental HIV treatment in Mexico, offered by one Dr. Samir Chachoua.

Few had heard about Chachoua or his treatment, but he certainly won’t be forgotten any time soon following his own shocking bid to prove the efficacy of his method: injecting Sheen’s infected blood into his own body.

“It’s pretty inappropriate,” remarked Dr. Oz.

“Inappropriate and completely mind-blowing,” Sheen added. “I watched that happen when he felt so confident. He delivered that my blood would not be any risk to him.”

Yet, according to Sheen “we did see some incredible results early on….I was undetectable. And it stayed that way.”

“The numbers were back up,”

Before hopes could be raised of a miracle HIV cure however, Sheen admitted that just before going on Oz’s show he had received news that the viral load in his blood had increased.

“I’d been non detectable, non detectable and checking my blood every week and then found that the numbers were back up,” mused Sheen.

So in the end the whole episode looked like a good advert for conventional medicine and Dr. Chauchoua should probably seriously look at getting tested for HIV.

However, through a website of a group claiming to represent Chachoua’s patients- but which seems to be run, if not written, by Chachoua himself (due to numerous slips into the first person). Chachoua responds to his detractors with some incredible revelations.

The website claims that Charlie had paid over $200,000 for the alternative treatment and had been on it for months, showing significant health improvements:

“For 5 years Charlie suffered from diarrhea, headaches, fogginess, tiredness, aches and pains he was overweight and struggled to walk without exertion. He had not been able to throw as ball or exercise in quite some time. The day following the first treatment, Charlie was working out with more energy than he had had in years. He did not have a single episode of diarrhea, which plagued the five years of conventional therapy. This makes it better than conventional therapy.”

Throughout that whole period it is claimed that the virus was at undetectable levels in Charlie’s blood, only increasing when the actor stopped taking the treatment for a week. This would be a significant improvement on conventional medication where viral loads increase in a matter of hours of not taking the drugs.

Overall, “the treatment did a better job than conventional therapy at suppressing the virus and probably would have cured him had he continued for a few more weeks.”

Resumption of treatment does not look set to happen, however, as Chachoua blasts Sheen “for promises that were never kept”.

But what, exactly, is Chachoua’s HIV treatment?

Essentially, it is an injectable serum that works on a similar basis to other serums Chachoua claims to have developed to cure cancer. These “tag” cancer cells with a cold or flu virus so that the cancer becomes visible to the immune system. Once visible, the immune system destroys the cancer in the same way as any other pathogen.

The principle behind Chachoua’s treatment is far from unknown to science. Indeed, most scientists see tumour tagging techniques as our best shot at curing cancer.

This makes Chachoua’s claims all the more astounding; how is it possible that a doctor in Mexico without the financial backing of a University or pharmaceutical company has come up with a serum that has so far eluded the best research labs in the world?

Running through all his own statements and those of his affiliated websites are claims of conspiracy. Big Pharma is simply out to suppress cures for diseases that line their pockets.

Chachoua claims that his HIV serum is 99 percent effective, something born out in trials at Cedars-Sinai hospital during 90’s. He has offered anyone willing to disprove his theories $50,000.

Yet Cedars Sinai denies ever having a relationship with Chachoua and some may question wether Chachoua really needs pulling outrageous stunts, selling “universal elixir” though his websites, or seeking out celebrities if his treatments should speak for themselves. Sheen has stated that Chachoua was one of many people vying to offer their services following his HIV positive revelation.

Whatever the truth of the matter, it will not stop people, often with little to lose, seeking out Chachoua and many others like him offering alternative therapies all across Mexico, and fuelling a booming business.

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