Nicaragua: Drug traffickers hide cannabis in genitals, sentenced to jail
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Nicaragua: Drug traffickers hide cannabis in genitals, sentenced to jail

Three men arrested on Wednesday last week for carrying marijuana between their genitals, were     charged of drug trafficking by a court in Managua, Nicaragua on Saturday.

Marvin Guillén, Josué Moran Araica, and Holman Guevara Cárdenas were caught with 600 grams of marijuana in the country’s capital. The three were in a taxi, with Guillén behind the wheel and the other two on the backseat, when Managua Police’s Anti-Narcotics Unit stopped them near the La Virgen roundabout.

Some 400 grams of marijuana were found hidden in Moran’s genitals, while 200 grams were found in Cárdenas’ possession. The men to the police station and tested positive for illegal substances.

Police said that Guillén, Araica, and Cárdenas were involved in the distribution of marijuana in the neighborhoods of El Riguero, Rene Polanco, Reparto Schick, and El Recreo. Although Guillén wasn’t carrying marijuana at the time of the arrest, drug distribution meetings were reportedly held in his house in the capital.

Judge Carlos Solis denied the defense attorney’s plea for temporary release on the grounds of inaccuracy. The three men are now in preventive detention.

Nicaragua’s Anti-Narcotics Law dictates that those found with illegal drugs, depending on the circumstances, can face three to up to 30 years imprisonment and can be fined up to 10,000 cordobas ($362), with a 5 million cordoba fine for drug syndicate leaders.

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