‘Papa Grande’ sentenced in New Jersey
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‘Papa Grande’ sentenced in New Jersey

The leader of a Colombian drug cartel involved in an international cocaine distribution conspiracy has been sentenced in the U.S. state New Jersey to 11 years in prison.

Federal prosecutors say 71-year-old Salomon Camacho Mora will also forfeit $1.6 million and eight Colombian properties under the sentence imposed Wednesday. Camacho was once head of the Cartel del Norte del Valle, linked to Pablo Escobar.

He was also known as ‘El Viejo’ and ‘Hector’, Colombian daily El Heraldo reports.

Camacho pleaded guilty in October 2014 to conspiracy to commit narcotics trafficking.

He was indicted in 2002 and considered a fugitive for more than eight years before being captured in Venezuela in January 2010. Camacho was subsequently extradited to New Jersey prior to standing trial.

Prosecutors have confirmed that Camacho and members of his drug ring bought numerous kilos of cocaine and sold them to groups operating in Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic and the United States.

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