Peppa Pig puts kids off pork
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Peppa Pig puts kids off pork

Peppa Pig, a firm favorite among kids across the globe, is causing uproar in one Colombian department.

Parents in the town of Ibagué, in the Tolima department, famed for its pork dishes and traditional gastronomy, are hitting back on social media over claims that Peppa is putting their kids off pork.

One of the region’s typical dishes includes Lechona, a whole roast pig stuffed with chick peas, rice, onions and spices – prior to being cooked in an oven for up to 12 hours.

“I stopped my kids from watching the program with that pig (Peppa), until one day at lunch time they started crying when they saw we were serving up Lechona,” Jorge González, a parent told Actualidad Panamericana.

“Ever since I was small I was told not to ‘play with your food’, so I was really worried in December when my kids asked me for Peppa Pig toys to play with, and weren’t interested in cooking.” Added another worried parent.

Head of the Tolima Police Department, Colonel Carlos Herrera explained that the force has received various complaints, asking for the sale of Peppa toys to be restricted and programs canceled. “We’ve had to explain on repeated occasions that the sale of these toys isn’t breaking the law, that we don’t have any control over national television channels.”

Officials have also expressed concern over the growing rate of mini vegetarians.

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