Pope Francis confirms Colombia visit
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Pope Francis confirms Colombia visit

The head of the South American country’s Catholic Episcopal Conference, Luis Augusto Castro, confirmed that the pontiff will be visiting Colombia this year.

Although the “date isn’t yet clear, and is being considered,” Pope Francis will be visiting the South American nation during the first half of 2017, daily El Espectador reports.

The Pope is allegedly “all booked up for this year”.

President Juan Manuel Santos welcomed the announcement in a Twitter post, saying Colombians “will receive him with enthusiasm and in peace.”

The dates of the trip are not yet set, though Francis has said he plans to visit Brazil for the 300th anniversary of the Virgin of Aparecida there.

The first Latin American pope already has trips scheduled this year to Mexico, Uruguay, Chile and his native Argentina.

Guerrilla group the FARC, currently in peace talks with Colombian government, had also expressed previous interest in meeting with the pontiff.

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