Salvadoran media mistakes Norwegian traveler for Jason Statham
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Salvadoran media mistakes Norwegian traveler for Jason Statham

Every year, thousands of tourists visit El Salvador’s El Tunco beach to enjoy the laid back beach lifestyle and take surf lessons.

Salvadoran media recently speculated that one of the surfers enjoying the Central American country’s enviable waves may be British actor Jason Statham based on a YouTube video of a Statham-looking surfer. But the newly engaged actor has been busy attending Golden Globes parties with fiancée Rosie Huntington-Whitely. The video was in fact Norwegian backpacker and travel blogger Stig Jensen, who recently spoke to Latin Correspondent about this common and amusing mix-up. 

Latin Correspondent: Do you often get mistaken for Jason Statham? Has this happened to you in other countries besides El Salvador?

Stig Jensen: I get mistaken for Jason Statham a lot, almost daily, and I hear people whispering when I go out to clubs and stuff. It happens in many countries, as long as it’s one familiar with modern American action movies.

Latin Correspondent: What was your reaction when you saw the article?

Jensen: I thought it was pretty funny, and I was surprised to see that they found my YouTube video, probably because I tagged it with El Tunco.

Latin Correspondent: Do you ever take advantage of people’s mistake to get special treatment or free perks? Would you?

Jensen: I have never had any free treatment for my similarities with him. I should probably learn some London-English. When I come to think of it – a couple of weekends ago I was out on the town, and was gonna take a bus home. Then I found that there were no more buses that night. So I had no way of getting home,and would potentially have to wait for five hours in minus 5 degrees Celsius and snow, for the morning bus.

It was 3.30 a.m. and nowhere to go, then suddenly a group of young boys and girls started shouting “Statham!”, and they dragged me along to their apartment and gave me drinks and a place to stay before I had even said a word to these people who were 10 years younger than me, all because I looked like Statham.

Latin Correspondent: How do you deal with your newfound (although false) status as a celebrity? Any tips?

Jensen: Newfound….I guess you could say that. Five years ago no one was comparing me to him, so age is changing my appearance: loosing my hair, and looking more like him. I don’t deal in any particular way, although I would maybe try to use it more in the future to pick up girls. I guess with the right attitude it could be gold for that purpose.

Could a Rosie Huntington-Whitely be in Jensen’s future?

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