UN will tackle corruption in Honduras
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UN will tackle corruption in Honduras

Honduras and the Organization of American States have approved a new legal team of international investigators, prosecutors and judges to fight corruption in the Central American country.

President Juan Orlando Sanchez calls the mission “historic” for a country that is controlled in many areas by gangs and has suffered massive government corruption scandals like its neighbor, Guatemala. The mission will involve a proposed $32 million investment, using a team set up in Guatemala.

Since 2007 the UN has investigated key cases, including a customs kick-back scheme that put the country’s former president, Otto Pérez Molina, and vice president, Roxana Baldetti, in jail.

Honduras is suffering a similar public scandal with its social security system. Protesters have taken to the streets demanding a Guatemala-like commission and are concerned the new Honduran team won’t have enough teeth.

But not all Hondurans are supportive of the proposed scheme. Leader of the Indignant Opposition (Oposición Indignada) group, fighting back against corruption and money laundering in the Central American country, was not convinced that the mission would be a success.

“This institution achieved the impossible in Guatemala and that is why we don’t think that the Support mission against impunity and corruption in Honduras (Macchih) will achieve the same,” he said.

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