Uruguay farmers demand Venezuela pays out
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Uruguay farmers demand Venezuela pays out

Hundreds of farmers have taken to the streets in Uruguay to demand their government force payment of debts they say they’re owed by Venezuela.

The protests, held outside the country’s capital Montevideo, were made by hundreds of angry dairy and crop producers against the government’s recent 10 percent increase in energy costs, in addition to reactions to the country’s inflated fuel costs, currently the highest in the region.

The demonstrators also added that Venezuela now owes about $100 million for shipments made under a deal between the two governments.

The protest “aims to increase awareness in society and within government,” Marcos Algorta, a 27-year-old dairy farmer commented.

“There’s a commercial agreement. The milk industry sent products over there (to Venezuela) and the money never appeared… The dairy industry will reduce the value of the milk which we are owed for.”

Images from the protest continue to be shared on Twitter:

Venezuela’s economy depends heavily on petroleum and it’s been slammed by the sharp fall in world oil prices.

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