Woman blames demon for killing her mother
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Woman blames demon for killing her mother

Was it really the devil’s work?

Claudia Castillo Maldonado told the court that she killed and bit her mother because a demon told her to do so.

The gory crime occurred on Monday evening in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, when 30-year-old Maldonado killed her mother, Mercedes Dubon, by stabbing and biting her on the chest. The killer ran down the street naked while shouting that she had killed her mother.

Police said that they found Maldonado naked and covered in blood, while 56-year-old Dubon was found at the scene with bites on her chest.

In a hearing on Wednesday, Maldonado said that she can’t remember what happened, but asked for forgiveness from God and her family.

“I never had any problem with my mom. A demon told me to kill her, but I’m not crazy,” she added.

At the public prosecutor’s request, Maldonado underwent a psychological evaluation. According to the psychiatric report, the patient was not under the influence of any drugs, but has mental problems and is “highly dangerous.”

She was diagnosed as having catatonia, a mental disorder related to schizophrenia.

“She was a normal woman” 

Maldonado’s neighbors described her as a quiet and serious woman who minded her own business. She lived with her husband and mother, and her relationship with the latter is good.

“She was a normal woman, and she got along with her mother very well. I never saw them fight,” said Justin Amaya, Maldonado’s father-in-law.

Amaya added that Maldonado’s anxiety and depression began a few days ago when the family returned from a walk. Maldonado’s husband took her to the doctor and was feeling well when she returned.

“She loved her mother. She would never do that if she was in her right mind,” a neighbor said.

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