Actress Kate del Castillo feels “betrayed” by Sean Penn
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Actress Kate del Castillo feels “betrayed” by Sean Penn

After a somewhat eery silence, Mexican actress Kate del Castillo has finally hit back over Sean Penn’s controversial interview with kingpin Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán.

The actress claims she feels “betrayed” and “used” by Sean Penn, after the actor penned his interview with Guzmán for Rolling Stone magazine.

Del Castillo’s last tweet was on January 13, thanking her followers for their support.

With Guzmán back behind bars once again, Penn recently spoke out over his ‘vigilante’ style of journalism. Castillo denied having been involved in arranging the meeting between the actor and El Chapo.

However, Castillo herself now faces questioning by Mexican authorities in connection to a money-laundering probe involving El Chapo and her tequila business, Tequila Honor Del Castillo, People reports.

“She didn’t know Penn was going to write for Rolling Stone magazine. Would you meet with El Chapo and approve to have [that meeting appear] for publication?” Castillo’s attorney Harland Braun commented.

“After the interview, she had no choice about it. Once Penn and Guzmán agreed on the article, what was she going to do about it? She signed off after they had both done so.”

Controversy and betrayal

Yet the situation looks set to go from bad to worse for Castillo, who rose to fame from telenovela ‘La Reina del Sur”. It would appear that having a famous friend who just so happens to be a drug lord now faces investigation by Mexican authorities due to her El Chapo links.

The actress failed to attend a preliminary summons from January this year, held in her home town of Los Angeles, the U.S., El Espectador reports.

Not to mention Tequila Honor now finds itself in the media spotlight over allegations that El Chapo himself funds the brand.

The company was forced to release a statement defending it’s production of the popular spirit, yet no mention was made of Castillo’s role as a founder of the brand. From the Spirits Business:

“Ms. Kate del Castillo was invited to take part in this Tequila project as the image of the brand due to her independent spirit and love for Tequila.Tequila Honor LLC has exclusively been funded by its founders, a group of brand development experts focused on bringing an excellent product to market. As such, Tequila Honor LLC has worked directly with its Tequila vendor the Vivanco family, fourth generation agave growers and producers of Tequila of the highest quality, helping us craft our unique profile which is being produced in an honest and authentic way.”

According to Braun, Castillo was “forced to go along with the interview” after Penn and Guzmán reached an agreement.

Castillo remains decidedly hushed over her links to El Chapo, despite Penn having spoken up about his unique style of journalism. Perhaps the royalties from such a lucrative tequila deal were worth more than a brief friendship with Mexico’s most wanted.

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