Bogotá: Call for more toilets in mass transport system
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Bogotá: Call for more toilets in mass transport system

Bogotá, Colombia, a city famed for its gold museum, colonial architecture and more recently it’s ever-struggling transport system.

Despite plans to construct a much needed metro system under previous Mayor Gustavo Petro, set to serve some the city’s more removed and disconnected neighborhoods, newly elected Enrique Peñalosa has scrapped previous plans in his very first month. Peñalosa has unveiled plans to construct an overland cable system, not dissimilar to that in Colombia’s second city Medellín, along Bogotá’s highly congested and run-down Caracas Avenue.

The mayor’s new transport plans have not been well received. Mass protests and vandals took to the streets earlier this week, attacking the capital’s mass transit system, the Transmilenio, to the south of Colombia’s capital, following an unexpected fare hike. Despite raising ticket costs, the new mayor has failed to lay on additional buses at the capital’s busiest stations.

Even worse is the lack of toilets for Transmilenio users. There are a total of 26 washrooms for the system’s 700,000 daily users, that’s a total of 13 for male users and 13 for female users in a mere two of the 131 stations.

To add insult to injury, users also have to pay to use the washroom, with stations charging between 500 to 600 pesos (around $0.30), Pulzo reports.

Bogotanos have been left stunned, and the problem further highlighted, after a video of a girl urinating while in a moving bus went viral.

Twitter users have also reacted to an increasingly sickly Transmilenio system:

After such a tumultuous start, Peñalosa will have to make some serious changes if he has any hope of lasting his four-year term in office.

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